In an online survey* designed to assess the value provided by the publications that serve the profession the Funeral Director Monthly was voted the top read and was commended for its “professional content”, “high quality presentation” and “sound, sensible approach” to the issues of the day.

  • Funeral Director Monthly is the top funeral title (Survey satisfaction score: 4.18 out of a maximum 5)
  • Recipients read Funeral Director Monthly from cover to cover (Survey respondents read for 15-60 minutes on average, while 8.6% read for over an hour)
  • Funeral Director Monthly keeps people up to date regarding the issues affecting the funeral sector
  • Funeral Director Monthly meets the profession’s needs (Survey respondents scored Funeral Director Monthly particularly highly for its coverage of industry news, products and services and funeral sector issues)
  • 56% of survey respondents ranked Funeral Director Monthly as their first choice read

This is what readers have to say about Funeral Director Monthly and how it meets their needs:

“Good for NAFD issues – which generally means the industry, and good for the industry as a whole.”

“My first choice for up to date relevant information because I know [Funeral Director Monthly] is sure to have it.”

“[Funeral Director Monthly] is extremely proactive in reporting on current affairs within the funeral sector and with new products available to the industry.”

“It serves as the barometer of conditions in our industry. Covers many topical issues. Always keep issues for the whole of the previous year and use as a good source of reference, particularly for employment legislation changes.”

“[Funeral Director Monthly] keeps us up dated on new legislation within the business and has some very interesting reading.”

“A good point of reference about the profession along with industry contact details.”

“I use it for lots of information from the articles published. I really don’t think it can be improved. Excellent magazine.”

Funeral Director Monthly is by far the best [funeral] trade magazine available and I believe the most widely read.”

“Good range of advertisers. Good business advice.”

“[Funeral Director Monthly] is very trade specific and covers important issues.”

“It has all the latest news and good links to useful sites.”

“Gives insight into the whole funeral business.”

“[Funeral Director Monthly] keeps one abreast of developments within the industry. Gives associated businesses a showcase. Generally good reading on issues within the industry.”

“Most professional of the [funeral sector] magazines with good editorial content.”

Based on the survey results Funeral Director Monthly serves the National Association of Funeral Directors membership well but, significantly, it fulfils an important role as a heavyweight business publication providing a real insight into the funeral sector at large.

* An electronic survey of 1,900 individuals working in the funeral sector commissioned by the National Association of Funeral Directors