There will eight special editorial themes in Funeral Director Monthly during 2016, meaning even more in-depth articles and opportunities for funeral firms and suppliers to talk about their new services, products and discuss important themes for the sector.


Tools of the trade
What are the best products for funeral homes? Exploring innovations in the funeral director’s most important professional equipment. New products
and services that are helping funeral homes to operate efficiently and care for the deceased and their families. Covering fleets, mortuary and embalming equipment, clothing, engraving equipment and much more.


Planning business growth
At the start of the new financial year, we seek advice and guidance from expert providers to support funeral directors in growing and operating their businesses effectively. The feature will cover a diverse range of topics including training and development, finance, health and safety, legal matters, office solutions and consultancy support services.


Urns and keepsakes
From stunning, personalised jewellery and beautiful pieces of sculpture to more unusual items such as diamonds created from ashes, there is a now a wealth of memorial products on the market catering to a growing consumer demand for unique and personalised ways of remembering lost loved ones. We take a look at some of the latest designs and innovations.


Digitisation of funerals
Funerals are increasingly being arranged and broadcast online – sometimes with active live participation via the web. We will take a look at how the internet is helping to shape and improve the experience of funerals for families. The feature will cover online funeral arranging and communication tools, webcasting of funerals and social legacy together with online memorial and donation sites.


With the holiday season in full swing, the work of the UK’s specialist repatriation companies hits a peak as sadly people do lose their life while
abroad, either on holiday or as resident expats. The magazine learns more about the repatriation process and what funeral directors can do to
support families who have lost a loved one abroad, smoothing the process of their return.


Coffins and Caskets
The enormous diversity of styles and types of coffin and casket now available to the public would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. The choice can be overwhelming – and making the right one has never been more important. We help you through this maze by looking at some of the biggest suppliers in the sector and some of the start-ups. We’ll highlight the various benefits and possible limitations, to help funeral directors better advise their customers.


Caring for the deceased
From the moment a body is received to the day of the funeral, funeral directors take expert care of the deceased. From the preparation prior to viewing by the family to either burial or cremation, there are many activities that need to be conducted. Funeral directors are supported in this role by a range of specialist equipment and other products. In this feature, we take a look at this most sensitive of service areas and the suppliers that support it.


How ‘alternative funerals’ are becoming mainstream
Celebrant-led funerals are on the rise; the growing number of natural burial grounds, ‘greener’ forms of disposal, eco-products and unusual funeral customs are becoming more and more popular as consumers demand greater choice for their farewells. We explore the growing options available and talk to some of the tradition-busting providers.

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