April sees the launch of the new design of Funeral Director Monthly complete with one of the most stunning cover images we’ve perhaps ever been fortunate enough to run: the moment a young Brownie Guide placed a crown on the coffin of Richard III.

april_cover_2015In what was described as a ‘phenomenal’ performance, on Sunday 22 March, after months of preparation and rehearsal, AJ Adkinson & Son of Leicestershire had the honour of carrying the remains of Richard Plantagenet, otherwise known as King Richard III, across Leicestershire to his new final resting place at Leicester Cathedral.

The engagement was conducted under the eyes of the world’s media and millions of spectators who lined the route on a bright and sunny spring weekend.   Such was the size of the crowd straining to see the cortege that many watched the events on two giant screens stationed in the city centre and even in villages there were crowds so deep that people were spotted on rooftops, hanging out of windows and halfway up lampposts!

More than 90 international media organisations attended the events of the week and, for British viewers, three live broadcasts and several documentaries by Channel 4 provided in-depth coverage, including interviews with Fraser and Jenny Gilbert, the father and daughter team at the helm of AJ Adkinson and Son.

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